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With the invention of the Internet there is so much that can be done. So much to do on there that it sometimes feel like there is very little time! It sometimes feel like some persons attempt to reach the “end of the Internet!” But what happens when technology intertwines with the workplace? Is it okay for us to take a “technology break” every now and again?

As I’ve pointed out before, technology has greatly advanced the workplace and society. It has made life much easier for us and has allowed tasks which would have been long and tiring a lot shorter and more efficient and accurate. technology has also greatly improved communication skills and the ease at which one can communicate with others globally. So props to all the inventors and hard working technology gurus who have graced us with such luxury. Without these luxuries life would seem dull and tiresome. Well maybe not since we would never have experienced the ease. But who knows!

But what happens when employees at companies begin to abuse the use of technology? How much does checking our Facebook, buying online or just surfing the internet affect the outcome of our work? Let’s not even start talking about the amount of times a day we pause to check our phones! Text messaging, Twitter, Whatsapp and the list goes on all seem to be intertwined in our daily lives. Granted, or at least in my opinion, we all need a “break from work.” But when a break becomes to constant or too long and begin affecting our ability to perform efficiently in the work environment we need to check ourselves. Like Heather Toley says in her article Personal Internet Usage in the Workplace – a Serious Epidemic if we know what we are doing is wrong why do it? She made this statement in relation to employees who hurriedly toggle or minimize browsing pages when they hear footsteps behind them. It is obvious that they know that they are doing something wrong yet they do it anyway!

Technology can be our best friend but we need to be always aware of how we use it in the workplace. Companies often time blame the overuse of the Internet and phones as the reason why profits are low. Why? Because employees are to busy “taking technology breaks” and not working up to their potential. As a result the companies may suffer financially. As young persons who will soon be heading out into the work environment and even those who are already working, be always aware of how much you utilize the Internet and your phone when at work: your employer may be watching! Don’t be the students today who text all through class or use their tablets and computers while the professor is teaching and then blame the professor when they don’t understand what he just taught!! Guilty aren’t you! 🙂




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